The pasta Project: No-Egg Pasta Dough

Ok, so the concept behind The Pasta Project wasn’t as effective at prompting regular posts as I’d hoped it would be. This is largely because after exploring the possibilities I wanted to put them into practice as opposed to spend my time writing about them. But now, on a short hiatus from pasta after a five day on-the-trot pasta consumption marathon. I have time to reflect and record. Read More

The Vegan as Phuck Pasta Project

I reaslised that “pasta” was way more than the stuff my student friends would buy in 2kg bags of a quid and mix with cheap cans of tuna, ketchup, and everyday value chedder. But was instead the the culmination of years and years of exploration inspired very much by regional micro cultures and was now breaching the forefront of a renaissance.

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Mama’s “meat” balls

My relatively recent journey towards veganism started when I went  vegetarian -to put it ironically – cold turkey. This happened while visiting my mum at her Home on the island of Mauritius.At first,  I remember her being confused confused  by the fact that I refused to eat any of the chorizo that I had begged […]

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